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Gathering the Kindling

 Educating For Hope 


Why are we called to hope?

What does a theological understanding of hope offer?


In this first Catalyst we welcome and invite you, our Sion schools communities, into a journey of reflection, sharing and growth around why we are called to hope that will hopefully nourish your spirit.  


Each Catalyst has a rhythm of inviting, centering, the catalysts, some reflecting and responding.


We hope you are inspired and encouraged with excitement and a renewed commitment to education for hope as we begin our Catalyst series together.

Image by Tobias Keller

Our Hope

Student Voices

Our  journey begins by centering on our students…. our reason for being Sion Schools. The voices of our students are our inspiration as they begin to share with us their hopes.

Hope - Dolène Laurent

In this Catalyst, we consider a Sion experience and perspective of hope offered to us by  

Dolène Laurent, Chef d’Etablissement, Notre Dame De Sion, Grenoble








Take a minute or two to centre into the theme of hope, focusing on the thoughts of Fr Theodore.

The works of God usually have weak, obscure and almost imperceptible beginnings, like small seeds which germinate for a long time in the soil before emerging above the ground to blossom and bear fruit under the rays of the sun.  Convinced of these indisputable facts I go forward resolutely as if I were certain of the future.                           


Theodore Ratisbonne, Memoirs, 1883

Image by Julian Paolo Dayag
Image by Pepe Reyes


You are invited to take some time to consider what you have heard. Using the wisdom emerging from your own truth and the poetry offered to us by Charles Péguy.  We reflect on hope from our personal perspective and experience.

The Prayer of Charles Péguy

Charles Péguy (1873-1914)

"The faith that I like best, says God, is Hope"

Image by Stephen Leonardi


What are we being called to?

As an international Sion schools’ community, we all contribute to keeping Fr Theodore’s vision alive and thriving. 

  • What new insights have emerged for you about educating for hope?

  • What do you currently do in your school that encourages your students to remain hopeful?

  • What are you able to do differently to foster more hope?

  • In the coming months, what do you hope will occur within your school or across our international Sion school community as we engage with each other in reflection and sharing about educating for hope?

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