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Expanding the Flames

The Final Invitation 


What do our young people teach us about hope?


We joyfully welcome you, our Sion schools communities, into a journey of reflection, nourishment, sharing and growth around why we are called to educate for hope.  


The Catalysts have a rhythm of inviting, preparing through centering, the catalyst stimulus, some reflecting and an opportunity to respond.


This is the final Catalyst in the Sion Schools Conference series.  The theme of Educating for Hope is drawn to a conclusion by reflecting on the scripture of Mark and how children themselves offer us continued opportunity and inspiration for educating for hope if we are open to listening to them as children.


We encourage you to participate in this final Catalyst and to respond to the final reflection questions about the whole experience of this website process in the forum.


We take this opportunity to thank you for participating in the Sion Schools Conference Catalyst Series and we hope that the final catalyst inspires you to continue to educate for hope!


Our Hope

Student Voices

The catalyst journey always centres on our students…our reason for being Our Lady of Sion Schools. 

The voices of our students are our inspiration as they share with us their hopes.

Children as our Hope
Dr Janine Luttick, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Australian Catholic University, Sydney.​

This Catalyst focusses on the story of Jairus’ daughter in the Gospel according to Mark, 5:21-24, 35-43.

It invites us to bring our own experiences as Sion educators to the wisdom that children bring to the world.







Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 11.24.10 am.png


Take some time to centre into the catalyst theme, focusing or meditating on the quotes.

“I want you to have 

hearts bigger than the whole world. 

The heart expands in the flame of love 

and this flame must set other flames alight” 

Theodore Ratisbonne, Memoirs, 1853

Image by Clément Falize


Centre yourself, then let the words flow around and through you for a few minutes and allow whatever thoughts or feelings emerge from the experience.


What are we being called to?

This catalyst raises some deep questions for us as Sion educators that when explored, will expand our thinking about “Education for Hope.”


Consider these questions…

  • Who is the child in our context? 

  • What are the implications of this story for us in a multicultural world? 

  • What part of the story, or which character, connects with your experience in education today in Our Lady of Sion schools?

  • What part of the story, or which character, challenges how you think about education today?

  • Where does the story and your  reflection take your thinking about the students with whom you work?

  • The Charter for Our Lady of Sion Schools affirms the richness of the traditions within our schools and respects the rights of the individual. To what extent do children and young people have their voices heard in your school context?

  • What opportunities do the children and young people in our schools have to support you, as adults, to rethink or grow your understanding of our charism?


Final Reflection on the Sion Education Conference Catalyst Series

As we conclude the Sion Education Conference Catalyst Series, we invite you to consider how the whole experience was for you.

We invite you to connect with the leaders and staff of other Sion schools to share your experiences, thoughts, actions and wonderings. 

Below, we offer you some guiding questions you may like to use. 

The table below outlines what may be convenient times for our schools to gather in language groups to explore these questions.  

Please contact the schools to organise an online meeting using Zoom or other tool.

  • What has the conference catalyst series offered and stirred in you?

  • What has challenged you?

  • What shall we now do as an international, as well as local group of Sion educators?

  • How will we remain responsive to student needs and offer hope-filled learning experiences for our Sion students?



Australia- 6:00am,  Kansas City- 3:00pm, United Kingdom- 9:00pm, 

Quebec- 4:00pm.


France- 1:00pm, Quebec- 7:00am, Istanbul- 2:00pm


Costa Rica- 2:00pm, Brazil- 5:00pm


A final farewell from Sr Oonah


Final Goodbyes

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