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“Write the vision down; make it plain upon tablets, so all may run who read it” 

Habakkuk 2:2

As an international community we will invite you to reflect upon the following questions:


  • Why do we educate for hope?

  • What does educating for hope look like?

  • How can we educate for hope while honouring our Sion charism?


There is no denying that the events of the last twelve months have called for an increased sense of hope in our world as our students, staff and families grapple with great suffering and loss.  This year we will create a series of online experiences designed to enable participants to be enriched by the insights we will share. Through this transformational  experience, we hope that our hearts and minds will be ignited by a strengthened passion for justice and peace through the hope we bring to our schools. The following overarching outcomes provide the framework for our time together. We look forward to your school community entering into this time of creation with us.

We hope to:

  • listen deeply to, reflect upon and celebrate the lived reality of the Our Lady of Sion tradition of hope

  • foster a culture of dialogue, respect and inclusivity that enlivens and promotes hope 

  • draw from scripture and our faith tradition to promote hope in our world today

  • enhance our understanding of hope, its importance in our lives and how we can educate for hope in today’s world

  • enhance the capacity of the international Sion family to engender hope through our collective efforts

  • foster interpersonal relationships including teachers, students and the wider community

Invitation to Immerse in the Sion Schools Catalyst Series 

We are looking forward to engaging with you as we prepare together for the 2022 International Sion Schools’ Meeting.  The planned Catalyst series is an opportunity for all of us across the world to meet via our virtual website to begin our dialogue around the theme and together, share experiences, understandings and broaden our thinking on ‘educating for hope’.


Each catalyst will offer several ways for you to connect:


  • Theologians, educators and topic experts will offer scholarly articles to expand and broaden, affirm and challenge our thinking on the topic;

  • Scripture text and interpretation articles will ground us in our Biblical tradition and offer new ways to approach the theme of ‘educating for hope’;

  • Our senses and hearts will be nourished by visual images,  poetry, music and art, allowing reflection and alternative media and language to deepen our shared dialogue on hope;

  • We know that there is a rich lived experience amongst the staff and students in our school communities so we will ensure that the voices of Sion permeate all of our Catalyst topics and strongly encourage every one of you to find ways to add your own voice to what promises to be a rich, engaging and inspiring dialogue.

Our Schools


  • Our Lady of Sion College,Box Hill

  • Catholic College Sale, Sale

  • Marist Sion College, Warragul


  • École bilingue Notre-Dame de Sion, Québec

Central America

  • Colegio Neustra Señora de SiónCosta Rica

  • Escuela Neustra Señora de SiónCosta Rica


  • Notre Dame de Sion Fransiz Lisesi, Istanbul

  • Ecole primaire Őzel Neslin Değisen Sesi, Istanbul

United Kingdom

  • Our Lady of Sion School, Worthing


  • Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion – Batel, Curitiba

  • Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion – Solitude, Caujuru

  • Centro de Educação Infantil, Curitiba

  • Colégio Sion Higienópolis– Rio de Janeiro 

  • Escola São Teodoro de Nossa Senhora de Sion, São Paulo

  • Colégio Nossa Senhora de Sion, São Paulo

  • Escola Comunitária São Miguel, Salvador

  • Colégio Sion Arujá - São Paulo

  • Colégio São José Ipiranga - São Paulo  


  • Notre Dame de Sion – Collège/Lycée, Every

  • Notre Dame de Sion – Ecole/Collège, Grenoble

  • Notre Dame de Sion – Lycée, Marseille

  • Notre Dame de Sion – Ecole/Collège, Strasbourg

  • Notre Dame de Sion – Collège/Lycée, Paris

  • Notre Dame de Sion – Collège/Lycée, Saint Omer

United States of America 

  • Notre Dame de Sion Schools of Kansas City

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